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“Who also honoured us with many honours; and when we departed, they laded us with such things as were necessary.” Acts 28:10 (KJV)


It is amazing that the journey that brought much horror to Paul and those with him again brought many honours to them! As the people on the Island of Melita received Paul and his team, God provided opportunities Paul to showcase Himself among the people, such that many sick folks got healed. Their experience became a blessing to them all.


I must not forget that these men had lost all things except their lives. They were in a state of hopelessness but as God brought opportunities to help some men on this island, through Paul, things changed for all of them.


I see the LORD bringing this kind of situation to me, again. Though we are not sent to do miracles in order to make money, yet I see that omitting this in the commission might be the reason I am not having such things as are necessary!


The Bible says, Paul and the brethren were honoured with many honours! Either it was a national honour or local, the truth is that they were honoured. When I read that Paul lived in Rome for two years in his rented apartment, I wonder how did he, a prisoner, get so much enough to rent a place that contained him and the brethren who travelled with him for two years? How was he able to feed them for those years? I could also presume that he, as well, fed the soldier that was attached to him.


I am thinking that Paul was able to do all these, possibly, from what the people of Melita gave him. I need to learn some good lessons here, as I preach the gospel of the kingdom. I had seen in my previous studies that the women who ministered to Jesus were those who received a special touch from Him. This means that if I follow Jesus’ footsteps, I might also have the same experience.


Again, it is strong on my heart that though I had lost so much in the past, the window of never-lack-anything-necessary for the rest of my journey would open unto me, if I walk in the path of the saints of old. I see that I can have enough to sustain myself in this my ‘rented apartment’, feed and take good care of all that God will bring to me for the years I have to sojourn on earth, before I am called upon to stand before the judgment Seat of Christ.


I must note also that Paul did not deliberately arrange to heal people, so that they would be able to minister to him. No! It was just normal for him to live like Christ; everywhere Christ went, the Bible says, He did good.


I need to take the issue of healing and working of miracles very serious, again. I need to understand that it is part of the strategy of the Almighty to provide for the needs of His servants.


The Bible says:


“…and when we departed, they laded us with such things as were necessary.” Acts 28:10 (KJV)


Paul and his team did not leave Melita with few things and they did not leave with junk. No. They were loaded or saddled with such things as were necessary. Look around you, Segun, are there necessary things for the work in thy hand, which are not there yet? Could this not be because this vital part of the ministry is omitted?


All the necessary things will come, as the necessary needs of the people are met.


(Segun Ariyo, Ibadan. 19th August, 2015.)


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