Meter: Ref. Only remembered) “Come and let us return, lest my father leave the caring of the asses...” 1 Sam. 9:5

1. Seeking the lost is the thrust of the Father,

    Seeking them in the valleys and mountains;

    Bringing them back is the joy of the Father,

    With joy let’s bring them back to the fountain!


Let us return now! Unto our Father!

Let us return to the Father’s bosom;

Lest we miss now our sonship in Jesus,

And get detached from the Living Father.


2. ‘Twill involve thee and everything He gave thee,

    To seek the lost has always been His breath;

    Go with all might and the LORD will reward thee,

    Seeking the lost with thy bag full of bread.


3. Is there more bread for us in this assignment?

    Do we have victual in this consignment?

    How do we go with our bread already spent?

    Without any evidence we are sent?


4. Shall we get lost while we go after the lost?

    Can the asses be better than the sons?

    And shall we lose our sonship in the work?

    Seeking the lost when we’re already lost?


5. Fly, oh my soul, to the fountain of heaven,

    Take thy flight now and reach for thy haven;

    There shall my soul find refreshment of heaven,

    Ever secured in the joy of my heaven.

Our Vision Statement
• To raise CHRIST CENTERED INSTITUTION/SCHOOL that is sold to life moulding projects.
• Providing the MISSING LINK for the youths/students and the Body of Christ.
• Becoming a MISSION that is committed to raising godly leaders both for the Church and the society.
• Setting STANDARDS for Christian living by life and publications.

• Putting an informal non-denominational life school in place, where believers are trained and raised to be like Jesus, irrespective of their denominations.
• Anchoring and organizing meetings, seminars, retreats, conferences, conventions at local and international levels, to look at the neglected areas.
• Raising Christ-like leaders, who will be fit both for the Body of Christ and the society.
• Publishing seasoned and systematic teachings on life issues, both by print and electronic media.