s/n Title
1 Save me oh LORD from sin and self
2 How long oh LORD, will I be kept away?
3 Let us return now! Unto our Father!
4 Make me a man of exploits
5 Beyond me LORD, Thine arrows shot
6 Oh for Thy kindness, LORD I plead
7 Praise my soul, the King of heaven
8 How Long My Soul, Will Thou Confuse
9 It Is Well With My Soul

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Our Vision Statement
• To raise CHRIST CENTERED INSTITUTION/SCHOOL that is sold to life moulding projects.
• Providing the MISSING LINK for the youths/students and the Body of Christ.
• Becoming a MISSION that is committed to raising godly leaders both for the Church and the society.
• Setting STANDARDS for Christian living by life and publications.

• Putting an informal non-denominational life school in place, where believers are trained and raised to be like Jesus, irrespective of their denominations.
• Anchoring and organizing meetings, seminars, retreats, conferences, conventions at local and international levels, to look at the neglected areas.
• Raising Christ-like leaders, who will be fit both for the Body of Christ and the society.
• Publishing seasoned and systematic teachings on life issues, both by print and electronic media.