Easter/Believers' Retreat

Believers’ Retreat is a non-denominational meeting for believers, especially for those who are hungry for God. While we sought the face of God, many years ago, on how to keep the encounter, which some of us had during a particular Ministers’ Leadership Meeting (MLR) in Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria till the turn of another year, when another MLR shall be held, God, in response to our cry, came with this meeting! Its first edition came with the theme “The Mark of the Writer’s Ink” in 1998 inside Cocoa Research Institute of Nigeria (CRIN). The meeting continued in a staggered form from that point but God has been calling for it every year, in the last few years. Believers’ Retreat is residential, which now holds at Bethphage, Alata Village, off Ijebu-Ode/Ibadan Road, (CRIN Area), Adebayo, Ibadan, Nigeria. (Find the description of how to get to Bethphage from anywhere in Nigeria on our Home Page. For those coming from outside Nigeria, please check for how to get to Bethphage from Lagos.)

Our Vision Statement
• To raise CHRIST CENTERED INSTITUTION/SCHOOL that is sold to life moulding projects.
• Providing the MISSING LINK for the youths/students and the Body of Christ.
• Becoming a MISSION that is committed to raising godly leaders both for the Church and the society.
• Setting STANDARDS for Christian living by life and publications.

• Putting an informal non-denominational life school in place, where believers are trained and raised to be like Jesus, irrespective of their denominations.
• Anchoring and organizing meetings, seminars, retreats, conferences, conventions at local and international levels, to look at the neglected areas.
• Raising Christ-like leaders, who will be fit both for the Body of Christ and the society.
• Publishing seasoned and systematic teachings on life issues, both by print and electronic media.